Juan Padilla aka daBeast Productions

Juan Padilla A.K.A. daBeast Productions is a music producer from Chicago. Growing up he had lots of love for all genres of music, tuning into different radio stations to explore the variety of genres of music the world had to offer. With so much love for music, Juan finally started producing in 2010. His choice of production is primarily hip-hop music. As time went on he started mixing his own music to try and capture the sound he was trying to achieve. 

In 2015 he has started working exclusively with local artist Dinero$$ and executively produced his debut EP titled The Root$ to my Evil, as well as many other singles. Two of the most memorable singles to date are Night’s Like This & Make A way. They continue to work together to build on their skills.

daBeast Productions will be releasing his first official beat tape in October 4, 2018 titled “A Musician’s Friend”. The titles inspiration comes from the constant struggle that musician’s go through on a daily basis.

His biggest influences are Dr. Dre, Timbaland, The Neptunes, Scott Storch and Kanye West.

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Musicians Friend (Album)
daBeast Productions (Juan Padilla)
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  1. daBeast Productions (Juan Padilla) Musicians Friend (Album)


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